Our full video interview to accompany the episode. Enjoy “Ghost Town” and what the boys have to say!

Hope you enjoyed seeing them at Fest, now listen in as Barry talks about the European tour. Five Beer Plan in the background for those listening for it.

Lit Interview

The guys took a minute before their show in San Diego to talk with us.

Holy guacamole, we got Scottie J (AKA the kid who invented the Woah hand sign as pointed out by the band here) to interview the MC Bat Commander of The Aquabats. Just a couple of quick short questions about Cadet Summits and Aquabania after their OC Great Park show. Episode from the show coming soon. I swear.

This is one of the stranger interviews you’ll see on our site so far, but I hope future ones will get weirder. Well done, Nikki and Parry.

What can I say? I like interviewing these guys.