A little interview with Dave McWane and Steve Foote of Big D with TNN Radio’s Jimmy Alvarez. Check out Dave’s awesome throat cancer scar!

Had audio troubles (again), so I subtitled this for you all Justin Case.

Morgan stole a quick interview with Jeremy from Mayday Parade at Warped Tour. Sorry, no live footage to go with it, they went on too early!

Matthew Lillard was cool enough to take a minute to talk to me about his movie Fat Kid Rules The World while he was busy doing an AMA on Reddit about the very same topic. What was the anything we asked him? “What’s the worst thing about being at Warped Tour right now?”

Drunk Myles might be the best interviewer we’ve ever had for the show. This happened at VLHS Pomona and is honestly about normal for how things are over there.

Here’s the DJ River Tra$h song we talk about in the interview:

For the record: we deeply love Dale, we just demonstrate our affection by spending tons of time and getting as many people involved as possible to say “Fuck Dale.” It’s weird, but somewhere it makes sense. Make sure you caught the full episode from this show Joyce Manor played!

You know what I miss? Posting about Half Past Two every day. Jimmy Alvarez interviews Lindsey like a champ!

Tim Gill shares some thoughts about his music at Rusty’s Rhythm Club!

Jesse from Bored to Death talks to a man with a better DIY punk resume than you’ll ever have.