This is a REALLY GOOD Canadian ska band. If you haven’t heard them yet, you need to. Check out this interview Ray did when he was up on their turf.

As promised! Here’s Ray interviewing Matt from The Planet Smashers in Canada!

Jeff snags this interview with Tom outside the Alex’s Bar show from the tour with Cheap Girls and The Sidekicks. Toby, we love you dearly.

Watch Chris stumble his way through an interview with a really awesome punk band.

For the record, I’d like to thank Cheap Girls for their name. Since I’ve been posting so much about them lately, it’s really improved the quality and content of my spam.

I’m not gonna lie, this has been ready for a few days, but the TSR homepage was beginning to look like a HP2 fan blog. So now, with only a slight delay, here is the interview of Lindsey from Half Past Two at the Spring Break Ska Social.

This is kind of one of those two-fer deals. We got Tazy Phyllipz, the legend of third wave ska, being interviewed by Jim Alvarez, internet radio pioneer and fellow former KROQ-er. How did we get so lucky? We’re still not sure.

Regardless, this is one of those interviews not to be missed.

Ok, so yes, I messed up the sound again. But it’s Mondo of Matt and Mondo’s Punk Rock Power Hour and Jeans Wilder of Mean Jeans. They’re hilarious. Even reading them. Check it out.

Check it out! Donna interviewed Party Marty at the VLHS show last week. I messed up the audio AGAIN, so I subtitled it for your convenience. Hell, you could probably turn the sound off if you hate hearing muffled talking and music through my camera bag.

We caught up with guitarist/lyricist Steve Klein at the New Found Glory show last week. Check it out!

We caught up with Ryan Key at the show last weekend, here’s what he had to say!