This is a pretty cool collaboration thing. It spends about 11 min and 50 seconds explaining why it’s going to be cool, but if you skip all that, it suddenly becomes this cool tap routine with BBVD on the stage as well.

Do you use Google Chrome? If so, you can have a The Scene Report app. What does it do? Pretty much nothing. It’s just a cool bookmark for your new tab page.

This is probably one of the best music videos I’ve seen in a long time.

For those of you who can’t make it to the Cicada Club tonight in Downtown LA to see Phat Cat Swinger, you can watch them live on the internet! At 8:30 PM sharp, this broadcast goes live. Out of towners, here’s your chance to witness a really awesome band.

Some people ask me how to get their stuff on the site. It’s really simple: tell me about it! Use the contact page or hit us up at

If you haven’t noticed, we try to post an album or set of songs we think is worth listening to every morning. We also love to post music videos, articles, or anything else cool you might do. Put your songs up on bandcamp or soundcloud so we can stream them on the page, or hit us with links to your videos. As long as you’re a ska, punk, rockabilly, or swing band, we want to hear it and will post it if we like it!

Tim Gill shares some thoughts about his music at Rusty’s Rhythm Club!

That’s right, just the thing no one was asking for: The Scene Report on Instagram. Now you can follow all your favorite TSR articles with bad camera effects. Why? I ask you “why not?”