This is kind of one of those two-fer deals. We got Tazy Phyllipz, the legend of third wave ska, being interviewed by Jim Alvarez, internet radio pioneer and fellow former KROQ-er. How did we get so lucky? We’re still not sure.

Regardless, this is one of those interviews not to be missed.

Live from last week!

So not only will this cover your morning listening, but there’s also something cool going on here that you should know about. Go to the page for more, but basically somebody’s doing a kickstarter to get a 7″ vinyl ska record subscription club going.

It’s called “The Big Ska Gamble” and TSR officially supports this.

Eric Thomas Weiss of Into It. Over It. does a sweet acoustic cover of The Smoking Popes’ “Need You Around.” Nice live, outside recording, very very cool.

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but now that choice is in your hands.

Ska Crazy #33

It’s a ska kind of morning. Have at!

Oh you wanted some more music from the Spring Ska Social? How about the Skank Agents playing Ska Wop?

Good morning all, use this ska podcast to get through it.

Buddha Bomb performing “Learn to Reason” live at the Ska Social last week.

EDIT: Here’s the whole first season as one handy download.

Okay, so it’s time for your weekly update on how to watch The Aquabats Super Show in case you’re missing it on The Hub every Saturday morning.

The legal way to support the show online is by going to  iTunes to buy the episodes or even get a season pass.

For you pirates, follow these directions and then use the links below:

Download uTorrent or a similar torrent program, then click ONLY THE LINK WITH THE MAGNET NEXT TO IT. There is one above and one below the description text and they say “Get this torrent.” All the other “DOWNLOAD” buttons are ads and you don’t want to click them

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