Todd, are you reading this? It’s a really good idea.

I made this and thought other people might need it. It’s from the Mean Jeans video “Anybody Out There.”

So Matthew Lillard (of…well, a million things, but most relevant will be SLC Punk) made a movie. It’s about a fat kid who discovers his love for punk rock. He’s doing a kickstarter to help with distribution, and there’s a trailer on there after Lillard gives a little spiel. Go check it out!

You know what I miss? Posting about Half Past Two every day. Jimmy Alvarez interviews Lindsey like a champ!

Morning music today from Philly!

More historical stuff! Cool to see where the roots come from for these bands that get huge. If you like Inside Out, the guy who put this video up made some tracks available here:

Use Winrar to extract the files. If you can’t make it work, leave a comment, I’ll rehost them as a zip file somewhere for you!