Anti-Flag has put out a cover of “Punk Prayer” by the jailed Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot. Posted a story about it a while ago, but if you need catching up on that whole deal, go here.

Go here and listen to it now! And then buy seven copies to rub on yourself.

Head over to Mostly Harmless to read/listen to an interview with The Bouncing Souls!


From the show on July 29, 2012 at The Blue Star.

While you scope those RBF pics, listen to this! It has an RBF track in it somewhere.

A little ska for your Sunday.

Ska Crazy 38

Listen to this, then I’ll see you at the Summer of Ska OC show today!


Yeah, you should probably watch this. You’re obsessed with him anyway.

UPDATE: It has now been clarified that this is a Grove issue. Apparently the venue charges the bands for video cameras. I wish I’d known that before I went acting like a baby to the internet. In my defense, this would not be the first time I’d been arbitrarily denied video access, and once before RBF’s other publicist had told me not to show up at all, so please forgive my knee jerk reaction.

I’m looking to you guys for a little advice, to see what you guys think. Use the comments or contact page to let me know your thoughts.

I’m a big ska fan, if you couldn’t tell, and after a year of running this site, I finally get a chance to put one of my all time favorite bands up: Reel Big Fish. We managed to prearrange an interview before the show on the Summer of Ska tour tomorrow night, and I was really excited.

And then their manager added some restrictions.

I’m not allowed to film any of the band’s performance. We have not received a response clarifying this yet, but that typically also means no music. Putting together these little live interview/show things is kind of my specialty. Have you seen any of the ones where I don’t have any footage to put with it? They’re boring as hell. And I’ve never not used music.

So I’m asking: is it still worth it? Remember, this stuff makes me no money and costs me a ton of time (and a little money). Would you guys still want to see an interview with no frills? Or should I mess with them when I do it? And no, I can’t just film them against their will, it’s way too much work to make these things to have them get pulled down immediately, which these folks do follow up on.

I was REALLY looking forward to this, and now I’m sort of dreading it. But maybe no one cares about the way I like to put these together, and ultimately I want to make YOU guys happy. So you tell me how you want it:

1) Do the interview the way they want because RBF is still ALWAYS cool
2) Do the interview, play by the rules, but insert footage of dogs pooping where band footage would be
3) Up the punx, damn the man, screw the interview