Yes we’re getting a Streetlight album. Yes Tomas is releasing an acoustic cover album the same day. Yes it’s because he’s trying to get clear of his label.

However much you care about all the nonsense, the important thing is what Tomas says he has learned at the end of the article: “we have no intention of ever signing with another label, independent or major.”

A free show? Awesome! Look at all these ‘bats fans. Interview with MC Bat Commander, some live videos, and a mini episode to come.

A little interview with Dave McWane and Steve Foote of Big D with TNN Radio’s Jimmy Alvarez. Check out Dave’s awesome throat cancer scar!

One of our absolute favorite ska bands got a nice little write up in the paper, so go give the article lots of hits and maybe they’ll write another one.

I told you this season had awesome bands.

A little mini episode for you featuring my favorite song by The Potato Pirates

It’s good to hear that we may see some justice in this. We miss you, Mitch.

If you go to their facebook and like the page, you can stream the whole album right now.