Pics from Lit

Went down to San Diego and saw Lit at 4th and B. This happened.

This is either really awesome or totally conceited based on your viewpoint. Maybe a little of both. But no matter what, it’s damned entertaining.

The Guardian has a whole article and this video talking about a band that has claims on being the first punk rock band. They’re from Peru and played in the mid 60s, well before The Sex Pistols, Ramones, or even The Wipers.

Whether this sounds much like punk to you (I hear a bit of a Mongolian throat singing influence in the vocals), it’s certainly interesting and definitely good. Here’s the whole song they keep teasing in the video above:

23 min of Ska

A little more ska for you. Have at! Click the picture to go look at the track listing.

KCET has written a pretty awesome article about Parker Jacobs’ life, work with Yo Gabba Gabba, Aquabats, GOGO13, etc. Go give it a look!