Cute tiger suit.

You guys, it’s SOOOOO good!

Hope you enjoyed seeing them at Fest, now listen in as Barry talks about the European tour. Five Beer Plan in the background for those listening for it.

Joyce Manor, Hop Along, ACxDC, and Merry Christmas put on a hell of a show for FYF Presents at CFAER. Chris Torres tells us what kind of a person is into Merry Christmas, people totally respected the “no stage diving sign,” and everyone confessed their undying love for Frances of Hop Along.

Get to know this song! It’s gonna be in the episode coming in just a few days!

Dude, this is GREAT. “Help Save the Youth of America From Exploding” off of Hello Rockview, now with a little more deep voice gravel. Well done, gentlemen.

The Mountain Goats’ album “Tallahassee” came out ten years ago, and in honor a bunch of bands have come together to make an album of their versions of the songs. Andrew Jackson Jihad, Bomb the Music Industry, Kimya Dawson, and more! Go look at it here, you can stream the songs or pre order the download for when it comes out officially on November 5.

Go download “I Look Like Shit.” Good to see that Jeff’s still making stuff despite this possibly being the end of BTMI.