Somehow I didn’t manage to record this with the camera, so I put some pictures to it since the audio was still good.

Mad Caddies re-recorded “Distress” and now you can hear it here! Download it for a dollar.

Thanks to The Onion for this. Barack, any chance you could record one of these now?

We at The Scene Report, and a bunch of other people too, are moderating a subreddit called r/LocalPunkMusic. For the uninitiated, it’s basically like a forum where you can post links to your band and people can check it out and comment and such. It’s been up and running for a while now and people DO actually check it out!

So if you’ve got a band or like a band that the general public doesn’t care when you post about, here is a place where people are actually looking for that. Post away! [Links have to be moderated, typically takes under 24 hours for us to approve them. Sorry if you wait]

Woke up this morning and listened to this. Recommended!

PLEASE somebody give $10,000. That would be awesome. Or if at least enough of you could give $1,000 to necessitate a Summer Vacation having to write an entire album for donors, that would be rad.

This is a pretty cool collaboration thing. It spends about 11 min and 50 seconds explaining why it’s going to be cool, but if you skip all that, it suddenly becomes this cool tap routine with BBVD on the stage as well.