Warped Tour 2012 Lineup Leak?

This could be a thing! Use your best squinty vision to pick out all the bands that haven’t been officially announced yet!

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  1. Patiece Lambright

    If this is fer sure true I might die, for the past 3 weeks I’ve been wanting The Used to play… and when I never saw them up on the bands announcements on http://www.vanswarpedtour.com I was getting very frustrated.. then when I saw this I about died… I screamed on the inside… both my friend and I are fer sure gona be going now if this is true… BUT something I wanna point out real quick… how in the world did you get this lineup?! I thought the whole lineup was confidention until all bands are announced?! But thank you very much for leaking this (: I am soo freakin happy now (:

    • thescenereport

      I have no idea the validity of this. It’s something that was floating around on the internet as a potential leak and it MAY be true, or it maybe someone messing with us. Or maybe hurricanes are actually Hercules’ sneezes. Only time will tell.

    • 3 weeks? HAH. try wanting to see them for 8 years, then you can talk about how excited you are.

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