By Chris Graue | Editor in Creep – August 16, 2012

I decided to try my hand at reviewing Hands Like Bricks’ album EP: II while at work because damn the man, save the Empire. I loosened my tie, popped on some headphones, and opened up Harry’s email contain the sweet, luscious tracks.

The very first thing I had to do, while “We Made This Mess” rolled was flip the bird to the boss’s wife. I don’t know why, she’s a nice lady, but there’s something about this album that just makes me want to set this place on fire and steal all the office supplies. It’s not a snotty skate punk sound, but it’s not an Americanatype open, vacant sound that a lot of bands have tried on lately either. It rests somewhere in between, with enough power to drive the record but enough attitude to make me pretend like I didn’t see the intern trying to get my attention. No, I’m not answering any of your stupid questions, I’m Hands Like Bricksing.

It’s almost as though the tight, punchy rhythms and the low, commanding guitar stand opposing each other in tone, but working together to create something new. A bit of occasional string tone adds a briskness that plays well with the midtoney bass that drives the HLB bus.

“Go Away” is my second favorite track on the album. It’s got a lot of sing along parts that made me forget I was stuck at a cubicle sliding the hard drive I’d thrown on the floor yesterday into a static bag. It’s still working for now, but I will defeat it yet.

It was “Satellite Phone Calls,” however, that really caught me. I had been reading a story on the internet about a guy whose son sodomized his dog, but that ringing strum in the opening stopped me dead in my tracks. This last song on the album has just a taste of a rockabilly vibe to it. Hiding somewhere between the traditional country vamp on the bass guitar is an acoustic coloring the tracks just that little shade of hillbilly this track needed. That one’s my favorite. There, I picked it.

The whole thing’s fun. Grab this thing when you get a chance. Now I have to somehow transition back into pretending like I really care about whether or not Derek’s hotel confirmation faxed through or not. Wish me luck. Shit.

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