This is the coolest thing I’ve heard of. Out in Baltimore, this group called Feed the Scene┬áserves meals to hungry, touring DIY bands. Go look at a list of the bands they’ve fed in the past year, and if you haven’t heard of any of them, well then you’re probably not reading this site. It’s a veritable who’s who of music today.

They’re trying to expand into providing beds to sleep in, setting up a “Band and Breakfast” as they call it, and we should help! Look at their kickstarter, watch the video, and give some cash!

Anti-Flag has put out a cover of “Punk Prayer” by the jailed Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot. Posted a story about it a while ago, but if you need catching up on that whole deal, go here.

“>FILMAGE Teaser 2 from 53″>Deedle LaCour on Vimeo.


A new trailer for the Descendents/ALL movie that is supposedly going to come out some time.

Episode from the show is finished and uploading. Be ready soon! To whet your appetite until then, have some Holy Fever, my current favorite Boston based band.

That was way too much alliteration at the end of that.

Remember when David Liebe Hart of Tim and Eric Awesome Show reviewed Joyce Manor’s album? Well it turns out he sings in a punk band too.

While our lineup leak is starting to look better and better, here’s something totally official: the finalized dates and venues for this summer. Head over to the site and see when it’s coming to your town!

In a band? Want to play a show with Suburban Legends? Their CD release show, in fact? They’re having a contest to see who can play with them!

Watch the video for details.