This is awesome. The Maxies, being the Maxies, their usual bad ass selves, pissed off Voodoo Glow Skulls with their antics, so VGS had them kicked off their upcoming show. Read more about it here.

UPDATE: Post was taken down from Facebook. Don’t know if the issue was resolved or they just decided not to make it public anymore, so I’ll provide a quick summary.

Basically, they played a show together a bit ago, and The Maxies did their standard thing of making fun of all the other bands they play with. Keep in mind, Aaron Barrett played in their band while they hurled insults about him and his band all tour long for Summer of Ska. Well, the guys in VGS didn’t seem to get it, and apparently some of the fans didn’t either and complained to them. They asked that The Maxies be taken off their upcoming show together to avoid conflict and potential violence from fans. VGS also questioned The Maxies as to why they’d want to play with them if they don’t even like their band.

So to sum it up, Maxies talk usual hilarious trash, VGS has thin skin and no sense of humor, and now they go their separate ways.