The finale from their show at the CD Release Party for Day Job. Yes, this is my last video from that show. It is also the one where the confetti explodes in my face at the end. Worth watching!

Hey, look, at least they’re making it available on cassette. That’s pretty punk.

From the Day Job CD Release Party. Yes, I still have videos from that.

Hooray For Our Side, doing that thing they do at the Suburban Legends show last week.

A good way to start a Friday morning.

Live from the Suburban Legends show!

Good morning, or it is now, anyway.

If you want to see some dudes try to sing along to SL songs, well here you go!

From the Suburban Legends show!

Remember at the end of the Day Job CD Release show when Aaron tried to launch confetti over the crowd but it just kind of blew up on the first few rows? Yeah, it hit me in the lip. But I was filming! So here’s what that looks like.