Another music video we made for Suburban Legends.

This was a The Scene Report production.

Dude, this is GREAT. “Help Save the Youth of America From Exploding” off of Hello Rockview, now with a little more deep voice gravel. Well done, gentlemen.

I told you this season had awesome bands.

If you’re not watching Weeds this season, you’re missing out on a bunch of GREAT bands doing their theme song. But if you don’t have time to follow a suburban mom drug dealer’s life every week, I got your back, here’s BTMI’s version.

It starts slow, but give it till about 0:59 and it kicks in, then you can decide if you like it or hate it.

Anti-Flag has put out a cover of “Punk Prayer” by the jailed Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot. Posted a story about it a while ago, but if you need catching up on that whole deal, go here.

These guys really nailed “Come Back Home.” Dancing and all, worth checking out.

Okay, yes, the band name is ridiculous, and yes the title I posted is only half of the original title and it’s STILL long. But the song is pretty awesome, especially if you like video game music and ska. Also the lyrics are weird.