Starpool, Suburban Legends, Codename Rocky, and Save the Swim Team. They’re all here!

This is a pretty cool collaboration thing. It spends about 11 min and 50 seconds explaining why it’s going to be cool, but if you skip all that, it suddenly becomes this cool tap routine with BBVD on the stage as well.

The new dance craze that’s sweeping the nation.

These guys really nailed “Come Back Home.” Dancing and all, worth checking out.

A couple live songs and an interview coming soon!

Yup. That happened.

I guess this is something of a mini episode, since it’s just one band, but this was the coolest thing ever so I had to do it justice. Save The Swim Team is the coolest ever.

How was the Shut Down the Blockbuster show, you ask? Fantastic. Here’s some proof. Video and such to come soon!

Some fun photos from the VLHS show with Mean Jeans, Guantanamo Baywatch, Turkish Techno, Great Apes, Build Us Airplanes, and Horror Squad. Awesome job, Marty, on TEN FREAKIN’ YEARS!!!

Oh, and as the pictures indicate, this was, in fact, the show where everybody kissed.

Interviews and FULL NEW EPISODE coming this week!