It’s not new, it’s not relevant for any reason, I was just reminded of this today and needed to listen to it so I thought I’d make the rest of you join me.

Remember when Jimmy Alvarez and I interviewed Lindsey on the radio show and she talked about her acoustic demos? Did I just stream them all on the site? Whoops.

I really like that the record label on this is Drug Party Tapes. That’s awesome.

A few seconds of each song off the new Reel Big Fish album “Candy Coated Fury.” Clearly, we’re emphasizing a lot of horns here along with the playfully depressing lyrics we’ve come to know and love from the band. Or hate. Whichever way you fall on that.

I dig this demo a lot. This guy just kinda threw this together. There’s no facebook or contact or anything for the band yet, but you can download it for free!

More music off Fambly 42 by Toys That Kill. Win it for yourself! Enter the contest!

The Skank Agents have been kind enough to post a quick sample of what they have coming on their album this summer. Have a taste!