Another one of our productions for the boys  in Suburban Legends

So Anamanaguchi noticed that Disney had ripped off their song “Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues” in a new ad for a game. They called it out on their Twitter. Disney has been deleting comments and requiring approval for new ones to mitigate the damage.

Most interestingly, someone did a side by side comparison, putting Disney on the left channel, Anamanaguchi on the right channel. Listen here to how close they are!

Two of my great loves came together in a hilarious way today. Apparently what a Disney park employee thought was a bomb was, in fact, a geocache.

This has to go down as at least one of the biggest mugglings of a cache of all time.

All of this is to say everything is FINE so you can come see Suburban Legends tonight. The park IS open.