Anti-Flag has put out a cover of “Punk Prayer” by the jailed Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot. Posted a story about it a while ago, but if you need catching up on that whole deal, go here.

This is how you go to jail in Russia for being punk rock. For anyone who’s not been plugged into the story, here’s a quick catch up from the Free Pussy Riot site:

21 February 2012. “Pussy Riot”, Russian Feminist Punk Band, performs a ‘punk-prayer’ with chorus”Virgin Mary, Become Feminist / Virgin Mary, Hash Putin Away” at the altar of the Christ the Savior cathedral in Moscow. The ‘prayer’ lasts for less than a minute after which the band-members are removed from the church by the guards.

• In the following days Russian Orthodox Church initiates a criminal case against “Pussy Riot” legally incriminating the band with ‘hooliganism’ and maximum punishment of seven years incarceration . FSB Special Department on Terrorism takes on the case, while the Orthodox activists report the names of the alleged band-members on-line. Massive media/public smear-campaign against “blasphemous women” starts.

• 4 March 2012, the day of controversial presidential elections, two alleged band-members arrested: Maria Alyokhina (environmental activist) and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (civil activist) are incarcerated in Moscow. Both women declare hunger-strike in protest and exercise their right to silence under 51 article of Russian Constitution

• 14 March 2012, defense appeal on pre-trial incarceration rejected. Both suspects remanded in prison till final trial on 24 April 2012 ( detailed report on hearing ). Scuffle breaks out in front of the court: ( see Reuters )

• 15 March 2012, Ekaterina Samutsevic, previously witness in the case, arrested on suspicion and remanded in prison till 24 April 2012. The third arrestee exercises her right to silence. Nadezhda and Maria are officially incriminated with ‘hooliganism’.

• 19 March 2012, defense appeals for change of arrest measures against Ekaterina. All three women are reported, by defense, to be under illegal 24-hour video surveillance, while Maria and Nadezhda, both mothers, threaten by investigating team to lose their parental rights. Russian Orthodox Church, in its official statement calls authorities to take strictest possible measures against ‘blasphemous women’ and asks all sympathizing with arrested women Orthodoxes to join “Militant”/”Triumphant church of Russia.

• 28 March 2012, 14.10. Moscow City Court rejects an appeal on arrest of Ekaterina Samutsevich.

• 19 April 2012 Trial at Moscow City Court: Pre-Trial Arrest of Maria, Nadezhda and Ekaterina is extended till 24 June 2012, the day of the final trial

• 20 July 2012 Hearing scheduled for Khamovnichesky District Court, which was forwarded the case by prosecutors Thursday, will decide on a trial date and whether to keep the trio in detention, where the women have been held since March

Read more and keep tabs at the site.