Interesting Urban Dictionary entry on what “Half Past Two” means. Perhaps they simply didn’t want to come up with a name when asked?

I’m not gonna lie, this has been ready for a few days, but the TSR homepage was beginning to look like a HP2 fan blog. So now, with only a slight delay, here is the interview of Lindsey from Half Past Two at the Spring Break Ska Social.

HP2 rolled out this sweet cover last weekend. Were you there?

I hope you guys like Half Past Two, because for the next few days, we have a bunch of ’em! This is a live recording from last week’s show of them performing their song off their new record, “Day Comes Down.”

You thought I’d forgotten, didn’t you? No, I’ve just been working. Here’s some select pics from the Ska Social! Will be posting some live songs and interviews soon.

Thanks to TNN radio for this picture of me looking really pissed off at whoever I’m filming at Ska L

Episode 8 from the Ska Luau 2 at House of Blues Anaheim. Starpool, Suburban Legends, Half Past Two, and the Skank Agents. And lots of Hawaiian dancers.