Ska Crazy 38

Listen to this, then I’ll see you at the Summer of Ska OC show today!


Ska Geek #35

Go listen!

Today’s Special – On The Menu
Hermits of Suburbia – Magic Mormon Underpants
Battle-Ska Galactica – Everybody’s Got An Opinion
Bombskare – Fiesta
The Jellycats – Bedroom Jam 2012
Supertonic Sound Club – Scheherazade
The Skatoons – Skank With The Fans (England Euro 2012 Football Song)
New Town Kings – Steal for His Bread
Prince Perry – Love At The_End Of The Century
The Royal Swindle – Tear Drops
The Skankaroos – Ska Music
The Dendrites – Gumbo Hustle
The Chancers – Tuffer Than Tomorrow
UNRB – Latin Song
The Pomps – Icepack!
Chinkees – Run For Help
The Know How – Lorraine
Graduate – Elvis Should play Ska

Chris from this very website will join Lindsey from Half Past Two and Jimmy on his radio show at noon. Tune in! Click here and click the station logo to start listening.

Once again, we’ve got the down low on The Aquabats Super Show. See our last post about watching episodes legally, links for episodes 1 and 2, and instructions on how to use torrent files from The Pirate Bay. Or, if you already know how, go here to pirate episode 3!