This was a The Scene Report production.

You know, most bands release a song with a video for publicity purposes. Usually it comes out before the album, or right after, but certainly it’s considered a marketing tool for the music. Unless you’re really lazy. Like Teenage Bottlerocket. Then it takes you like three years. Welp, thanks for the effort, gents!


Anybody else get a little bit of a Metalacolypse vibe off the animation?

Some fun photos from the VLHS show with Mean Jeans, Guantanamo Baywatch, Turkish Techno, Great Apes, Build Us Airplanes, and Horror Squad. Awesome job, Marty, on TEN FREAKIN’ YEARS!!!

Oh, and as the pictures indicate, this was, in fact, the show where everybody kissed.

Interviews and FULL NEW EPISODE coming this week!