“>Dan Potthast – ‘Grand Rapids’ (Street Folk Sessions) from k”>James Maunder on Vimeo.

This is pretty awesome. If your band is in the LA/OC area and you want to do something like this, let me know. Let’s do it.

I know you kids like to rewatch stuff from the shows you were at, so for all you who attended Viva Ska Vegas, here’s MU330!

So I already posted this to the calendar, and it’s not until May, but I didn’t want you guys to miss this because you didn’t know what it was.

This is a small acoustic show of old, often ignored songs from Tomas Kaonoky of Streetlight Manifesto and Dan Potthast of MU330. It’s a low key affair ahead of Streetlight’s summer tour for their new album, and it’s not to be missed. Mark it down in your calendars, May 6 at the Bootleg Bar!