Madness have put out a new song and are giving it away in exchange for your email address.

Maybe? Sort of? Not really? BTMI is talking about at least not touring anymore for a lot of really good reasons that are not what you’d expect. Read their post to see what I mean, and enjoy this new song!

Seems to be a day full of these sorts of things. From their upcoming album Uno!

I suppose there’s really no avoiding posting this. Now you know.

Caught this live video at Warped Tour in Irvine. Consensus is that no one knows this song so it MUST be new. Check it out!

UPDATE: It’s called “The Three of Us”

WHAAAATTT?!?!?! A new song by Codename: Rocky? And it’s awesome? Go check it out on their bandpage on facebook. Couldn’t get a direct link, but the song is “Mile Markers.”

A low quality recording of the new Reel Big Fish song  from their upcoming album as it was streamed on the Ska Parade show last night. Not a good sample of quality, but gives a good taste of the feel of the song!

EDIT: The band has made a high res version available! Official!

Good morning!

More music off Fambly 42 by Toys That Kill. Win it for yourself! Enter the contest!