Woah, NOFX, Teenage Bottlerocket, GFP, and Elway in one show? Factor in the whole bit about GFP being made up of skater Tony Alva, and members of Suicidal Tendencies and Bad Religion, that’s pretty nuts.

This mini episode brought to you by the only band on the ticket: The Aquabats! Two sets that night at Orange County Great Park in Irvine, and plenty of fun for all ages. Seriously, look at that video. ALL ages.

Holy guacamole, we got Scottie J (AKA the kid who invented the Woah hand sign as pointed out by the band here) to interview the MC Bat Commander of The Aquabats. Just a couple of quick short questions about Cadet Summits and Aquabania after their OC Great Park show. Episode from the show coming soon. I swear.

Jimmy’s keyboard didn’t work, so he played it on the sax! Old school!