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So Death on the Radio never got back to me with the song title so I could label this, but it’s too funny to see this all black, death centered band playing outside in a beautiful meadow during the day. Soak in the contrast for a little bit.

Duane Peters and The Hunns live from the Punk Rock Picnic

Jello from last week’s Punk Rock Picnic.

These guys were so stoked to play this show, and definitely one of my favorite performances I saw. Well done, DI!

The man himself, Jello Biafra, showed up and played! It was awesome. Sorry it’s a little shaky, security kicked us all out of the photo pit and I had to use a REALLY zoomed in lens. Hard to keep it steady!

New episode is up. Happy listening!

Okay, so this is a Vegas thing, but a lot of people have been asking about it, so here it is. I’ve typed it out below for you mobile users who have been unable to look at their flash site.

Friday May 25:
Municipal Waste
The Dwarves
Stop Breathing
Word Salad

The Stitches
The Bodies

Dr. Know
Union 13

Youth Brigade
The Generators
The Civilians

Saturday May 26
No Use For A Name
Good Riddance
Dead To Me
The Bombpops

The Templars
Old Firm Casuals
Pistol Grip
The Forgotten

Sunday May 27
The Dickies
The Avengers
Agent Orange
The Seriouslys

Chuck Ragan
Tim Barry
Blag Dahlia
Kevin Seconds

Some crappy old fart ska band that won’t let us cover them
The Aggrolites
The Revivers

Manic Hispanic
Riverboat Gamblers
La Plebe