If you’re not watching Weeds this season, you’re missing out on a bunch of GREAT bands doing their theme song. But if you don’t have time to follow a suburban mom drug dealer’s life every week, I got your back, here’s BTMI’s version.

It starts slow, but give it till about 0:59 and it kicks in, then you can decide if you like it or hate it.

It’s not new, it’s not relevant for any reason, I was just reminded of this today and needed to listen to it so I thought I’d make the rest of you join me.

Free download from GoGo13? GO GO GO!

Caught this live video at Warped Tour in Irvine. Consensus is that no one knows this song so it MUST be new. Check it out!

UPDATE: It’s called “The Three of Us”

I guess a lot of people are excited about this new song, and it appears to not have a name yet. If anyone knows of it having a name now, let me know!