By Remy Lovato | Reader Submission – July 23, 2012

He was sprayin water everywhere like a real AQUAbat…Just kiddin’, guys!

I heard that the guys involved with that Gabba Gabba Hey show on the kid channel were playing a show with Billy Blanks’ ska band at some place with t-shirts all over the wall. They wear foam goggles that don’t look like they breathe very well, silver helmets with sideburns, and extraordinarily tight light blue rash guards when they play ska/punk/surf/synth/pop music for children and immature adults. As I understand it, they’re superheroes or something. And the reason they decided to play some small venue no one has heard of (Chain Reaction? Like your favorite Keanu Reeves flick?) is that tragically, long-time friend of various scenes, soundmaster at Chain, and good friend of The Aquabats, Christian Dasilva, passed away last week, this being a benefit show for his family.

I got there early, so as a full-blown adult, I spent a bit of time partaking in some hoodrat behaviour by the train tracks, thus making me miss the sortaforementioned Starpool and also openers, The Make Up Sex (only mostly true–my buddy and I ambled in while Starpool was covering “Shout”, which was originally written for bands to cover at weddings, so at a ska show, this was exciting). By the time I finished my smoke bath in the graffiti’d alley (siq street art, btw), it was around 9. Knowing that half the audience has a curfew or bedtime, this early show was about to have its headliners hit the stage.

I see five guys. I think they ate the other four. JK–age flab, it’s cool. Ok, OBVIOUSLY, The Aquabats aren’t the eight-or-nine-piece ska band of the late nineties anymore. It’s been well over 10 years since people started complaining about that. Doesn’t matter, when they hit the stage, young ass people were dancing in a circular formation, putting their hands in the air making all kinds of gang signs, jumping atop one another. Fam, these kids are crazy. Anyway, The Adultsinmasks played somewhere around 5-7 songs that mostly old farts in the crowd wanted to hear…cuts off when they Returned, when they had Fury, when they were Mythic/Legendary, but oddly no cuts from when they fought that Floating Eye. Nostalgia consumed the emotionally stunted twenty/thirty somethings who entered the steaming pit to “skank it up” and “pick it up” and “sit down, exhausted”.

Energy didn’t cease with newer jams as les jeunes enfants went wild for “new songs” released between 2005 (seven years ago, you farts!) and now. I won’t talk about those songs though, cause I’m mature now–if it’s new and I don’t know it, it must be out of my wheelhouse and thus irrelevant. Some more cool shit: something like 8 little boys and girls were given free candy provided they crowdsurfed from the stage to the “bar” (I condescend to the idea of their bar, because as a grown-up, I can only have fun with booze in my system). But talk about adorable. Some of the kids were too scared, understandably, but those who weren’t (or whose parents chided them into doing it) looked to have created a great memory that their grade school teachers will shake their heads at. During that whole bit, Them Aquabats played Minor Threat, Bad Religion, and Black Sabbath covers. Pretty super rad, no?

Oh, they closed with that song about midget pirates and some aggro wiener in a tank top wouldn’t stop screaming for MC Bat Commander to take off his shirt. Shut up, aite?

I’ve been sitting on this for a few days until the whole story came out. Very sad to see another person close to the ska scene go out in a motorcycle accident. Read the article here.

He was the long time sound man at Chain Reaction, a singer in a ska band, and a tour manager for The Aquabats at one point. Likely you’ve encountered him if you’ve been connected to any of these things over the years. This site did a great write up and I won’t try to compete.

The Aquabats and Starpool are putting on a benefit show at Chain to support the family. It’s listed on the calendar.

Thanks to TNN radio for this picture of me looking really pissed off at whoever I’m filming at Ska L