Mad Caddies re-recorded “Distress” and now you can hear it here! Download it for a dollar.

Ska Crazy #41

Track listing on the site!

23 min of Ska

A little more ska for you. Have at! Click the picture to go look at the track listing.

Hells yes. Lyrics:

We are the quick results of sweet mistakes. We are the ears attached
to phone call traces. Studying and taking notes. You steal it back and
hope a poet’s words will help you understand the way things are.
That’s life. We live and die. That’s right, we live and die. We just
try to make it out to the open sea upon the perfect tide.
We’ve been dead for billions of years before we ever lived.
A comfort, a distraction, a fuck is all I have to give.
And I can’t say no, although I’m not trained to save you.
And I can’t say no. I swear I’ll never turn my back.
We are the city bus on downtown streets. Two in the morning I will get
you off your feet. Wait at the sidewalk. Watch you unlock your front
door and stumble off to bed.
And I can’t say no, although I can’t promise to save you.  And if you
slip under, I swear I always loved you back.

Ska Geek #47

Ohhhhh yeah. A little ska podcast to start of your morning.

I told you this season had awesome bands.

If you go to their facebook and like the page, you can stream the whole album right now.

So this is Korean Celtic punk. You should know that.