If you want to see some dudes try to sing along to SL songs, well here you go!

From the Suburban Legends show!

Remember at the end of the Day Job CD Release show when Aaron tried to launch confetti over the crowd but it just kind of blew up on the first few rows? Yeah, it hit me in the lip. But I was filming! So here’s what that looks like.

An awesome show, and a few pictures to capture the glory. Hooray For Our Side, The Long Holidays, The Originalites, Suburban Legends, some awesome shirts on the wall, and a special photo set up by the one and only Matt King!

Lots of live footage of the music, the karaoke contest, and an interview with SL to come! Keep a look out.


Well, remember the contest we announced to play the Suburban Legends CD release show? It’s over now, with a surprise win by The Long Holidays! Go listen and let us know if you agree with the decision…this is your permission to praise or totally hate on them.

The new weekly Suburban Legends news! My favorite part is that they’re going to dump their warehouse trash on you. I’ve been there. They have a LOT.

In a band? Want to play a show with Suburban Legends? Their CD release show, in fact? They’re having a contest to see who can play with them!

Watch the video for details.

Two of my great loves came together in a hilarious way today. Apparently what a Disney park employee thought was a bomb was, in fact, a geocache.

This has to go down as at least one of the biggest mugglings of a cache of all time.

All of this is to say everything is FINE so you can come see Suburban Legends tonight. The park IS open.

Thanks to TNN radio for this picture of me looking really pissed off at whoever I’m filming at Ska L