By Scoli O’Sis | Reader Submission – April 28, 2012

The Aquabats are seriously the best superhero band from Orange County in the world.

When the synthesizer-based rock band with a new wave influence* went to Henderson to play Viva Ska Vegas, the crowd was stoked in spite of all things obvious. Cadets and kidettes peppered the audience as Tazy Phillips took to the stage to do what he does best: introduce Ska talent from the 1990’s with an impish sense of harmless entitlement.

The ‘bats burst out of the gates with a balls-out  rendition of Super Rad usually reserved for the last e. This left me with only one thought, that Jimmy the Robot is the nip’s tip. Ricky Fitness may be the sexiest bat in Aquabania, but he just doesn’t blow as hard as Jimmy.

The MC Bat Commander greased the audience like a seasoned politician as he quickly addressed the issue that was on everyone’s mind by saying something to the effect of: You are wondering why we are here since we don’t really write new Ska songs anymore. Also, that the Aquabats are not the greatest band in the world after all, let alone the greatest Ska band. You guys are right. But what I do know is that you all…Are the greatest kids in the world.

At this point MCBC declared a rowdy dow of only olde ‘bats tunes, pulled out the first guitar he ever bought and played a nonpareil rendition of Ska Robot Army. Oh yes he di-id.

Dude, also! Back flip! Off the drums!

Blah blah blah, close with Pool Party. There was some runt with a sly charm called Iggy who was knee high to a sand flea and ripe with good manners dancing all over the stage for the closing number. This made me want for the days of yore when the bats cared about ‘the kids’ more than they care about the kids (probably because I never was one myself).

Most the crowd bailed after the Aquabats set, myself included. The Skatalites are SO OLD, plus there’s only like two original members left in the band. What jerks, kill the elderly.


Scoli is an Irish-American journalist who wrote this review exclusively for The Scene Report.

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