You know what I miss? Posting about Half Past Two every day. Jimmy Alvarez interviews Lindsey like a champ!

Chris from this very website will join Lindsey from Half Past Two and Jimmy on his radio show at noon. Tune in! Click here and click the station logo to start listening.

Tune in at noon (PST) to listen to me hang out with Christy Carter and Jimmy Alvarez. I put in a request to play some Menzingers, so we’ll see if it happens! Just go here and click the station logo to start listening. It’s not like you’re doing anything today anyway.

Every Saturday at noon, Jimmy puts on a great show. I know you’re still tired from the Blockbuster show last night, so as you take advantage of this lazy Saturday sitting around in your parents’ basement, wiping flaming hot Cheeto stains onto the couch, tune in and listen to TNN! Click the KTST logo on that page to start listening once the hour rolls around.

This is kind of one of those two-fer deals. We got Tazy Phyllipz, the legend of third wave ska, being interviewed by Jim Alvarez, internet radio pioneer and fellow former KROQ-er. How did we get so lucky? We’re still not sure.

Regardless, this is one of those interviews not to be missed.


I’m headed over to the TNN Radio studio in a minute, so tune in! Click here, and then click the station logo to listen live over the computer.

Full interview with The Skank Agents live at TNN Radio!