SO many pictures of everybody. Bands, fans, lightsabers, and balloons!!!

This is one of those “maybe that’s a good idea, maybe it’s a horrible one” things. Apparently Warped founder Kevin Lyman dropped mention of doing a TV show of behind the scenes at Warped Tour. Read the interview to find out more!

There’s a documentary about the Warped Tour called “No Room For Rockstars.” The trailer looks pretty awesome, whether you care about any of the bands or not, it appears to have a pretty good story. The official site has a link to download the entire thing off iTunes. Let us know what you think about it!

So here’s an interesting opportunity: is picking 23 bands to play Warped Tour. One band will actually do a full 22 city tour, the other bands will get a single stop. Regardless, playing Warped! Pretty bad ass, right? You can also vote on which bands make it.

Open to all genres! Punk and ska, sure, have at, but any swing or rockabilly guys out there who want to shake things up a bit? Let’s see it!

Go here to enter or vote and find out more details.

While our lineup leak is starting to look better and better, here’s something totally official: the finalized dates and venues for this summer. Head over to the site and see when it’s coming to your town!