Remember how our camera got stolen with the footage on it for a Gentlemen Prefer Blood video? Well that camera turned up in a pawn shop…with the files intact. Here it is now, a video so hot, it was stolen for 4 months.

Streetlight Manifesto and Hostage Calm at the Mayan? Count me in! Watch some crowd surfers eat it hard and a guy freak out on post show adrenaline. Good stuff.

This is probably one of the best music videos I’ve seen in a long time.

This is either really awesome or totally conceited based on your viewpoint. Maybe a little of both. But no matter what, it’s damned entertaining.

We’ve lost two awesome bands this past week, Spraynard and Algernon Cadwallader. You can read their blog posts for their reasons (Spraynard‘s and Algernon‘s), but let’s just enjoy their music that they won’t be playing anymore.

Also good to note: download all of Spraynard’s music for free,

Okay, I know there’s been a lot of RBF stuff lately, but this is really good. And if you got a problem, YOU make some music or videos and send them to me. This ain’t no Reel Big Scene Report, but they got a TON of content lately.