Whatever you do, don’t let this guy win the next contest, or I imagine you’ll all get told. Again.

That’s right folks, it’s all settled now, Harry won the contest. Hope you like your albums.

The other entries were also FANTASTIC. A certain Narwhal was notably fantastic, but a room full of teenage girls made the argument for Harry’s piece most strongly. For posterity, here are all of the entries:

Japanther, freaking everybody out with their new music video. Highly recommended.

For the record, this is a song off one the albums you can win in the MS Paint contest. Get those entries in!

Entries are coming in, but there’s still time! Win free music from Toys That Kill, Japanther, and Summer Vacation by simply making me laugh with your MS Paint creation. For more details (or the link to that website for mac users to do this), go to the contest page!


Well, remember the contest we announced to play the Suburban Legends CD release show? It’s over now, with a surprise win by The Long Holidays! Go listen and let us know if you agree with the decision…this is your permission to praise or totally hate on them.